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Benita's Beauty

Relax and Indulge



Treat yourself to a luscious Mama Baby Bliss pampering treatment for pregnancy . Uniquely created for Mums to be this treatment will leave you and your bump feeling revived and fabulous!

You arrive at my home based salon and we do a consultation form together asking you various questions regarding your pregnancy. Then its time for you to relax! 

Massage begins with you on your side as not to put pressure on your baby then a few deep breaths, moving to your back where we work on all areas of your back, neck and shoulders, then onto your scalp, which is truly amazing. On to your arm, then a few gentle strokes on your bump before moving onto your leg. We then safely move you to your other side and repeat the process .

When the massage is finished you are encouraged to lay there for at least 5 mins before getting up, You will definately feel refreshed.

Why not book a treatment today at a very affordable price £30.00for a full hours massage.

Gift vouchers are also available for this treatment .


Are you organising a baby shower for yourself or a friend/relative book a baby shower and receive some fantastic treatments for mum-to-be and her guests .


We believe this is truly an important time for you and your baby. Thats why all the products used are natural.

The range is:

  • made from plant-derived ingredients and does not contain any sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic colours or fragrances.
  • safe to use during pregnancy and breast feeding
  • dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved
  • manufactured in the UK under stringent Health and Safety conditions and is not tested on animals
  • approved by the British Soil Association as all our preservatives are bio-degradable
  • packaged in fully recyclable PET bottles

Our natural range for pregnancy is a relaxing bath soak, tummy love stretchmark oil, and bliss stick invigorating oil.

For early motherhood, bath soak, mummy and baby balm and bliss stick uplifting oil.

For baby, splash gentle bath wash, natural baby oil and botty nappy cream .

All the above products have won a number of prestigious awards including Mother and Baby Awards finalist 2008/2009 . Practical Parenting and Pregnancy Awards 09/10 Finalist .