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Benita's Beauty

Relax and Indulge


Pregnancy Massage (whole body 1 hr ) £30.00

Treat yourself to a luscious Mama Baby Bliss Massage, the massage has been created for mums to be and is truly amazing, whether you are in early stages of pregnacny or you are about to have your baby, this massage is for you. Your bump will also enjoy the massage too!

Swedish Full Body £30.00 (1 hour)

This will relieve the body of stress and tension, leaving you completely relaxed (so relaxed you might end up taking a quick nap!) 

Back, Neck & Shoulder £18 (30 minute)

As above but concentrating on your areas of concern. Guaranteed to relieve stress. 

Indian Head Massage £18 (30 minutes)

Concentrating on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalpand face. This treatment improves circulation, relaxes and distresses. 

Scalp & Facial Massage £18 (30 minute)

Eases tension, distresses the mind and includes deep relation. The movements includes stretches, pressure points, relaxation and needing on the scalp, neck, shoulders and face. 

Leg & Feet £18(30 minute)

A revitalising massage is used to invigorate the feet and legs, using reflex points and drainage moves. This treatment is excellent to speed up the circulation, break down cellulite and relieve water tension. Leaves legs feeling lighter and re-energised 

Hot and Cold Stone Full Body Massage £40.00 ( 1 hour )

Harmonizing, restoring and uplifting the body at its deepest level. Hot stone therapy goes beyond the physical experience of massage. The warm balsalt stones are used all over the body to deeply relax tight muscles, accelerate lymph drainage, calm nervous system and detox the body. 

Hot and Cold Stone Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage £30 (30 minutes)

As described above for these specific ares only!